More drawings and portraits


Found a magazine photo of celebrity Jeff Bridges which inspired me to use for a portrait painting.

This is the firsts stage of acrylic paint on canvas.

Scraped back then added more brush strokes.

Finally used dark paint scraped back with a wooden stick.


I couldn’t come to a conclusion with this painting so I tried adding a female head as an experiment.

Used a film still from a popular sci-fi film.

First paint to obliterate existing head.

Features in place I tried for more realism.

The current sci-fi inspired portrait.


Ink drawings over coloured grounds. Based on Andy Warhol prints of Mick Jagger.

Toddler in costume. Photo from iPhone.

Toddler with tiger face paint. From photo.

Kids against wall in costume. Photo.

Celebrity photo.

Celebrity photo.

Celebrity photo.

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